Communications Expert, Brand Consultant, Subculture Connaisseur, Author, Podcast Founder & Host, Journalist, Storyteller, Content Creator, Head of Social Media, Influencer Relations Manager, Senior PR Manager, Marketing Manager… Boastful, if beautiful sounding titles on business cards. But title counts less than attitude: HEARTWORKINGCLASS.

Born in Oelde, Germany in 1985. Lived and studied in Duisburg. Lived and worked in Bochum and Munster. In Berlin since 2011. From a leading music record label to the birthplace of skateboarding in Germany to hip fashion retailers to PR, social media, influencer relations, communications, and creative agencies. On top: writing, hosting, consulting, podcasting. People say: „You do a lot!“ I say: HEARTWORKINGCLASS.

I was employed by the record company GUN Label Group (Sony/BMG) and worked for the German rapper Kool Savas and the Welsh metal-band Bullet For My Valentine at the same time. I had an office at leading skateboarding retailer TITUS. I was in charge of the marketing department of hiphop and fashion retailer MZEE.com (EMP Family). I accompanied the small communication firm Visumate to the agency giant DEPT. And I worked for Zucker.Berlin, BOLD Berlin, KMB Berlin and M&C Saatchi Sports & Entertainment. In Berlin.

I implemented campaigns for Amazon, Samsung Mobile, Asahi Beer, WHOOP, The Student Hotel, Audible, Sonos, SNIPES, Desperados, Skoda, Diageo, and South Africa tourism board among others. I even had a 3.20 meter high dummy smartphone set up in front of the Brandenburg Gate so that the Berlin Senate could pose in front of it. It was raining though. Another time I sent 20 photographers across the seas on an extensive and insane content production with Samsung and AIDA. It was raining there, too. Fortunately, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing, as my 7th grade PE teacher once taught me.

I supported the German rapper Azad in two of his album campaigns that reached #1 and #3 of the German album charts. I wrote press releases for the German King of Rap Kool Savas and the German comedian Oliver Polak. I accompanied the German musician Olson on tour, organized concerts myself, was the musical director for a stage play, and set up the social media presence of a Westphalian tennis academy. At that time it was still called Web 2.0 and you could send Myspace bulletins. Those were the times.

I wrote for the German hiphop-bible Juice Magazine for 10 years and for TätowierMagazin for 8 years. I am the co-author of the book „Success Formula Hip-Hop: Ambition and Underdog Mindset as a Business Factor“, which was published in October 2021 by Campus Verlag. I set up and managed editorial offices as chief editor for Skate-Aid, everysize and boutblank, and I wrote stories for Red Bull Music, Noisey, SNIPES Magazine, StockX, and others. Singer Usher has my phone number and I have his. But I think his is not working anymore.

I hosted shows live and on stages and in recordings in front of cameras. For Apple Music, Red Bull Music, Wilkinson Sword, and DIFFUS Magazine. There was also a skateboarding-lifestyle format called „TITUS TV – Brettkollegen“. That was my baby for over 2 years. Now it’s grown up.

I (co-)founded the first German sneaker and streetwear podcast „OH, SCHUHEN!“. It was named as one of the most creative formats of the year in fashion business outlet TextilWirtschaft in 2019. I thought this was great. We added another sneaker and streetwear news podcast to our roster. Both can be heard for free on all known streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Deezer, Audible or Google Podcasts. It’s the leading lifestyle podcast in Germany. Nice.

I also did a little more to be honest. „Much more!“, the facility manager of my office once said to me and patted me on the shoulder in a friendly manner. I said: HEARTWORKINGCLASS and nonchalantly flicked the cigarette into the dusk. (Unfortunately, this supposedly cool story is not true.)

You’re interested? Let’s work together! Reach out and let’s do some HEARTWORKING!